A good movie about family and friend

what is family? what is friend?

you will know it after you watch the movie Over the Hedge



over the hedge



over the hedge




weekly reflection (7) on week 13

totoroThis week is a busy week.


We have to do a research paper on psycholinguistics, which made my group members crazy. First, we don’t know how to write a research paper because it is the first time for us to write it. Second, we don’t know what kind of topic we can chose, because there are a lot of things we can find.


Tonight, we discussed again, finally found our way.

I hope things will get better tomorrow.

Weekly reflection (6) on week 12


Last week we presented the lesson which apply INFUSION approach of teaching thinking. I think my team mate Betty did a good job, because we applyed infusion approach in the lesson of The Dead Crow. Although there arent so many people really listen to our presentation. I dont think it is good to do your own things when others doing their presentation. it is really not respect to others.

I also did my micro-teaching last week. I was a little bit neverous before i present. When i was presenting, i enjoyed it very much. i was so excited after i did my micro-teaching. because i can have a rest.

 There are a lot to learn, if i really want to be a good teacher.

totoro–one of my favourite movies

200511082652970.gif  200511082657810.gif

If you are sad, watch this movie. This movie can make you happy laughing like a baby.

 If you think you are too maturity, watch this movie. It can bring you back to a 3 year old chirld.                      


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Weekly reflection (5) on week 11


Last week, my group did the lesson plan on infusion approach. In my opinion, infusion approach is Expert Robert Ennis defines infusion as deep, thoughtful instruction in subject matter content in which the general principles of thinking are made explicit. infusion involves more than getting thinking going. It also involves direct teacher intervention to help students keep it going and enable it to go better and this includes direct instruction in the cognitive skills needed to engage successfully in complex thinking in whatever subject it is being applied. We can give students questions by go through BLOOMS REVISED TAXONOMY :from lower-order thinking skill (Remembering Understanding Applying) to higher-order thinking skill(.Analysing Evaluating Creating)

Weekly reflection (4) on week 10


This week we made the presentation of teaching of thinking skills. I have learnt a lot by share with others. I like some of my course mates’ presentation very much. Watch them presenting made me have a more clear idea about Direct teaching of thinking, Infusion approach and Immersion approach. The difference between Infusion approach and Immersion approach is clear to me.

 One of my friends’ presentations is very good. They got very good example in the presentation. This can make it easy for us to understand.


daily reflection (2) on the lecture today 03/03/2008

Today I had a lecture about three skills about teaching of thinking. They are Direct teaching of thinking, Infusion approach and immersion approach.

Direct teaching of thinking is in case for concentrating efforts to improve students thinking in discrete courses whose exclusive subject is thinking. So, we can consider it as separate thinking skills teaching. Just go directly to the point. For example, what will you have for the lunch of tomorrow, rice or noodle? You only have these two choices. You chose rice or noodle, this is direct thinking.

What about the infusion approach? Expert Robert Ennis defines infusion as “deep, thoughtful” instruction in subject matter content in which the general principles of thinking are made explicit. In my opinion, this is the sequence of infusion approach: First, teacher give students a task, leave them several minutes to do some activities, discuss about this task. Then, let them present their achievement. Finally, make a conclusion of the skills students used in the activities, the steps. Reinforcement is necessary.

Will, the immersion approach is quite different. The Immersion is usually offered as an alternative to infusion. According to Ennis, immersion is thought-provoking subject-matter instruction in which the principles of complex thinking are not made explicit. Let me give you an example. First, teacher give students a task, leave them several minutes to do some problem solving activities, discuss about this task. Then, let the students to do reflect of the activities. Third, let the students continue discuss.

 The different between infusion approach and immersion approach is that infusion approach has reinforcement and let the students share with each other, while the immersion approach is not. The immersion approach cant use as the main skill for most of the students.